The Company

On A Mission To Save Lives

SaverOne™ was established with the goal of saving lives.

It all started in 2014, with an article about distraction caused by cell phone use while driving, a phenomenon that has led to an increasing number of deaths and injuries, and become an epidemic in the U.S. Reading the article, Ami Gur, an insurance expert and capital market veteran, one of the company’s founders, wondered why we were incapable of eradicating the problem. After all, he thought, using the product (he had already thought of a solution), we would absolutely be able to counteract the phenomenon of road accidents resulting from Texting & Driving.

After some research and a short white paper that contained the concept and business model, his new life-saving venture was born.

Ami teamed up with Yossi Cohen, a senior executive at one of Israel’s largest telecommunications companies, to build a solution that would significantly reduce accidents caused by texting & driving in Israel and worldwide and dramatically lower rates of deaths and injuries, while saving money for insurance companies and creating a safer driving culture.


Ami Gur

Co-Founder, CEO

Ami has extensive experience in the insurance world, where he held senior management positions for over 20 years with Migdal Group and where he served as CEO of several subsidiaries.

Yossi Cohen

Co-Founder, COO

Yossi amassed a wealth of experience in tech and telecommunications, working for Motorola in technological, operational, and corporate roles in the global market.

Aviram Meidan


Aviram is a tech and telecommunications veteran with over 20 years of experience developing multidisciplinary systems, as well as in development management.

Jacob Tenenboem


Jacob has decades of experience in management, entrepreneurship, and investments, having worked in tech and venture capital. Jacob has lead a great number of startup companies to financial success.

The Team

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