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Getting Started With SaverOne

Congratulations! Your vehicle has been equipped with SaverOne™. 

SaverOne creates an UnDistracted Driving (UDD) experience, keeping drivers focused while driving, creating safer roads and saving you and your loved ones from car accidents caused by mobile devices (learn more).

SaverOne is the only solution that guarantees full UDD, blocking only the driver from using distracting apps (such as texting, browsing, etc.) while enabling un-distracting apps (such as dialer, navigation etc.). All other passengers are able to use their mobile devices freely.

Here’s what you need to know:

Connect your device to SaverOne
To enable connection to SaverOne system, you must:

1. Enable Bluetooth on your device
2. Download the SaverOne app
3. Activate the SaverOne app
Using protected devices
When the vehicle is in motion, your device will be in safe mode, blocking distracting apps.

You will still be able to use phone calls, navigation and music apps normally.

Once the vehicle has stopped, your device’s functionality goes back to normal.


Frequently Asked Questions